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Extra Post #6

21 Apr

Dowdy Washington? Not in this issue!

Thank heavens for showing a little skin! Now, normally, I don’t really care what magazines post to their covers, but this month’s issue of The Washingtonian boldly depicts President Obama sans shirt – in a bathing suit no less – walking on the beach. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t care to see former President Bush sans shirt (sorry!) but the current commander-in-chief is not so bad on the eyes.  Being a rather adventurous person, the one thing I can’t stand about Washington, DC is how conservative people are here. Heaven forbid you wear a nice leather skirt to work – you’re branded a whore – or even wear tall boots with a knee length skirt. I mean you must be a K Street regular to do that!

New York City and Los Angeles are two cities where fashion trends are debuted, coveted, and fun. DC is a place where jokes are made and Brooks Brothers suits abound. How many fashion forward peeps do you see in DC? Ones who live here anyway? Not many. I love that Mrs. Obama’s official portrait is her wearing what she loves, looks good in, and is comfortable. Many a debate has been had about showing her arms, but you know what? She looks great, is wearing a very nice outfit, and the public be damned. So what if she showed her arms? She’s “got it” so she should “flaunt it.”

There’s a reason why the press were all over her fashion choices in her recent European debut. She looked great! She took center place on the world stage by being herself. She hasn’t changed just because she became first lady, and I hope President and Mrs. Obama continue to enjoy themselves – wear a beautiful one shoulder dress, go swimming, and enjoy the opportunity to showcase the Nation’s Capitol as fun and exciting for something other than Congress and the Smithsonian. Not that they aren’t great, but we could all use a little spice in our lives. 

So kudos to Washingtonian for taking a chance and debuting a “racy” cover. President Obama has a beautiful wife, cute kids, a new dog, and guess what – he likes to go to the beach! Oh my gosh – might our President be human? He likes to have a good time with family and friends, and DC is going to have to get used to it. Hopefully this signals the decline of hooty touty yankee conservatism and people begin to let their hair down and have a little fun. Life is all about having fun with our family and friends. Why not enjoy yourself, throw on a suit (of the bathing variety) and jump in!

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