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Shoes, Spitup and what it means to be a Mom

31 Aug

I just looked at my shoes, and realized there is baby puke all over the left one. Lovely. Thinking back, I now remember not wiping it off after Baby R projectile vomited all over me last week. I took it off, cleaned up myself, her, the kitchen and anything else in the path and called it a day. Never thinking I should clean up the shoe that took the brunt of spitup fest. Oh well. And now, its been there for so long, I’m just leaving it there because – well, its old, its dry and lets face it – not as disgusting as would have been before I had a kid.

Not to say that I’m not still a clean freak (I am, much to my husbands glee and dismay) but little things don’t matter as much – nor do I have time to worry about such a little thing as my own shoes(!). I suppose that’s kind of what its like to be a Mom. The worrying and fretting I did before has now been placed elsewhere and I end up wearing a spitup covered shoe days later.

More suffering for small businesses with the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

24 Aug

So, it’s not every day that I hear Congress and makeup in the same phrase. And, by phrase, I mean legislation. Other than thinking some Congresswomen need more or need less of the stuff I don’t really think of it – at all. But something came across my desk the other day that I find rather absurd. The “Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010″—sponsored by Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Ed Markey (D-MA) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) –the bill claims to regulate personal care products – makeup, soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, baby shampoo – really anything you use to keep yourself looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

My first thought was – huh? Why is Congress worried about my makeup? My second thought was stay away from my stuff as well as didn’t the industry ask for regulations way back when and the government said no? Hey – I know these things – I LOVE makeup, and in full disclosure, have worked in the industry. And, the simple answer is yes; the personal care industry asked for FDA regulations in the 70’s but was turned down because the government didn’t have the time or money to waste testing lipstick. So the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel was setup by the industry (in conjunction with the FDA and Consumer Federation of America) to assess the safety of cosmetic ingredients and then publish its findings in peer-reviewed journals and discuss its findings publicly. Not bad for an industry the government told to take a hike.

One thing to note, though, while CIR itself doesn’t test cosmetics/products, all companies – large and small – are required (by law) to test their products and have studies that show they are safe before said product is put in front of the consumer. Now, if the law already requires testing and positive proof that something is safe, why should the government waste it’s time requiring re-testing of everything? Don’t they have better things to do? Like fix the economy? Or education? Just a thought.

Another thing to note – this applies to new products as well as products we’ve used for years. I mean, do you think I would REALLY use baby shampoo that I thought was unsafe? The baby shampoo I have for Baby R has been around since my Grandma was a baby and she’s fine, my Dad’s fine and I’m fine. And I have no reservation whatsoever that the products I use, and my family use, are safe. I think we all deserve a little more credit when it comes to protecting our family and ourselves. The products targeted in the legislation have long been trusted by their customers, and I’m no different. I don’t appreciate Congress telling me what I should and should not be trusting. That’s my decision, not theirs.

After reading through some of the legislation, one thing that stuck out even more than the makeup testing bit was how much small businesses would suffer. The fact of the matter is this bill would place an undue burden on a small business by mandating that they provide a bunch of information that doesn’t do anything. If one tiny little thing changed for a company – say, the lavender shipper changes to another lavender shipper, that business would have to notify the government and have everything re-verified before that lavender product could go back on the market. What small business (or big business for that matter) has the ability to do that? With the time it takes the government to do things these days (healthcare anyone?), who knows when the small business would hear back from them.

So what does that mean for us as customers? Your favorite soap maker at the local market? Gone. The lady with the yummy smelling hand lotion at that cute shop you love? Gone. All because Congress decided to get involved with our daily “get ready for the day, shampoo the hair, put some makeup on (if the kids aren’t pulling you in another direction), and rub some lotion on your hands” routine that, up until the other day, I took for granted. I have a specific routine with certain products that I rarely deviate from, and if Congress gets involved and I can’t do that because my product isn’t available, or has become too expensive or I can’t even find a new lipstick to wear this Christmas season I will be beyond pissed. Not to mention extremely disappointed that my Aunt won’t be able to find her favorite soap from Casco Soap Company and I won’t see my favorite organic table at Eastern Market.


18 Aug

Baby R said Mama last night!! I know at 6 1/2 months she’s a little young to be talking per se, but she looked right at me, smiled and said Mama. I have to believe that my little darling knew exactly who she was talking to and what she was saying when those two little syllables popped out of her mouth.

Now, as most new parents – or even older ones – know waiting for your kid to speak is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. You’re not sure when they’re going to talk, how much or how often, you just know that at some point their mouth will open and words will come out. Obviously, Baby R won’t be talking talking for a while, but for now that little “Mama” she’s making is music to my ears.

One of those days

17 Aug

This is one of those days where it kills me to be away from Baby R. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with her or me or anything serious, but after spending three whole days with her this weekend, going back to work this week was not easy.

Overall, as a working Mom, I’ve been fine leaving her with the nanny each day. Her nanny is a wonderful woman who loves her and she gets lots of hugs and kisses and playtime with her little friends. But there are some days – like today – when I just want to be a Mom. I don’t want to have to worry about client affairs, reports getting done or what strategy works best for this campaign. I just want to be home with my daughter. I want to be that Mom you see walking to the park, running errands and standing on the front porch waiting for Daddy to come home.

Obviously this little idyllic world I’ve just described is much more complicated. There are diaper changes, screaming fits, teeth announcing themselves, and other lovelies that come with being a parent on a day-to-day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (really I do) and I love being a working Mom – to me I get to have adult interaction and intelligent interactions, but I am still a Mom. I can provide for my child, support her, nurture her and watch her grow (she’s not a plant, I promise) all while being my professional self, and my Mom self. It’s a pretty neat thing that I have chosen to do – and am lucky enough to do – not only because I have a great husband, but because I work for a great company. It’s just that every once in a while, I want to be selfish and have Baby R all to myself for the day, and worry about nothing else other then what will the two of us do today?!

Right now, however, I’m going to settle for looking forward to the best part of my day. And, that is getting home and seeing that huge toothless grin and those fat little legs start to kick in excitement because Mommy is home. And that is why, right now, I really really want to be home.

No speaking required

11 Aug

Modern technology amazes me. Hubby and I had a little spat this morning and left the house grumbling to ourselves about what a turkey the other one was. 2 hours later, bzzzz, the cell phone vibrated with a text message from Hubby saying “I’m sorry” etc. I proceeded to text him back (after I let him stew of course!) and we had a rather involved discussion without ever uttering a word. Now, if we had been at home, we obviously would have been actually speaking to each other, but because of SMS, we could have a fight, make up and continue talking without even speaking to each other.

On one hand, I find it disturbing that I find this cool – I am a communications guru – I LIVE for talking, speaking, interacting and hanging out with people – IN PERSON. I should be all about face-to-face conversations. But on the other hand, I think its great. Really great. I can handle personal business at work without ever uttering a word – thereby not only not bugging my podmates, but also not spouting my personal life into my office environment. I love the people I work with, but they don’t need (or want I’m sure) to know about my personal life. In this instance, because of texting, they didn’t have to.

Hubby recently pointed out that I have an entire life online that he knows little to nothing about. Not because I hide it from him – if anything I try to force him to read this blog (he really doesn’t care) – but because its almost a silent life, in that I’m not physically speaking to people. Technology allows for me to be able to express myself and promote those expressions even though I’m just a regular person. I’m not famous, I’m not on TV, and I don’t have a publicist. Yet, I can reach people I don’t even know exist just by blogging, tweeting or particpating in discussion on the web. So there’s me as a person, and me as an online person. I can be anyone I want to be online, and best of all, for me at least, its the real me. These are MY thoughts, opinions, and views that I can discuss and chat about without involving people who aren’t interested. If you want to read my blog, talk on Twitter or post a comment great – if you don’t – you can click on another post, visit a different site, or – in my husband’s case – ignore the internet completely.


6 Aug

Wow. That’s all I can say about the storm that hit my neighborhood last night. Hubby, Baby R and I took a walk around after the storms had passed through, and this just some of the damage we saw. Luckily, our house, and most of our neighbors survived unscathed. But more importantly, we are all OK.

This tree does not belong down there.
Split tree

Or up there.
tree on house

Or through here.
trees through house

This street won’t have power for days.
tree over house

Neither will this one.
big tree

At least this transformer landed right-side up.
transformer on ground

Huge split.
huge split

Biohazard!! Everyone out of the water

3 Aug

So here I am sitting at the pool this past Saturday, enjoying a few hours (and by hours I mean maybe 1 hour and 15 minutes) away from the baby, and all of a sudden I hear the pool manager yell “Biohazard in the water, everybody out! Biohazard in the water, everybody out!”

Now, you want to clear out a pool with 30 people in it that is the way to go. So of course everyone is now staring at the pool manager and lifeguards wondering what is going on, and why are they staring so intently where some kids where swimming just a few moments before. Turns out, the biohazard was…you guessed it – poop! At least I’m pretty sure it was poop, they fished it out and tied it up in a plastic bag – just like when people curb their dogs, so I’m assuming it was poop.

As I was watching all of this go down, I couldn’t help but do 2 things – 1. laugh hysterically – hey it was funny! and 2. wonder if they were going to follow CDC guidelines for cleaning up such an incident. In full disclosure, I’m a bit more tuned in to this stuff because I’ve written for the American Chemistry Council’s Healthy Pools blog, so of course I HAD to observe what the lifeguards were doing to get the water back in shape. I mean, here was my job, literally coming to life in front of me.

So not only was everyone out of the water, lickity split, the lifeguards actually seemed to follow the guidelines for treating the water, keeping everyone out for a specific period of time (for this “biohazard” it was 1 hour) and luckily, for the kiddies, didn’t go around asking people who had done it. Whether or not the pool people would go around trying to figure it out I’m not sure, but if I was the offender (I wasn’t) I would be off somewhere, tail between my legs, contemplating never showing my face at the pool again.

Impressively enough, I used my test strips to check the water afterwards, and the pH and CH levels were right in line with where they should be. Didn’t mean I was going to go swimming (I did have to get back to Baby R), but the moral of the story is … “Don’t poop in the pool!” 

I’ll tell you this – as much as I COULD NOT stop laughing – I seriously had tears running down my face – apparently even at my age bathroom humor is funny – I hope that I never see or hear a person yell “Biohazard in the water, Everybody out!” Because when I do – it will be too soon.

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