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Sippy Cups and Transitioning

10 Feb

Like most parents out there, hubby and I have struggled with when and how to wean Baby R to a cup. Not necessarily the time period, but rather what cup to use. While that sounds weird, its true! I knew I’d breastfeed until she was a year old, but at about 7 months I started giving her a cup so she would drop the bottle at a year old. Genius right? The literature/doctors tell me it will take some time to get her to a cup, and that she should not have a bottle once she hits a year old. So here I am thinking “what a good, ahead of the curve Mom I am, she’s a pro at drinking from a sippy cup” Not exactly.

My darling little daughter wants absolutely nothing to do with drinking milk out of a sippy cup. She’s a pro at the actual physical ability, but when she finds out its milk and not water or juice coming out she opens her mouth and lets it run all over. Awesome.

Now, in fairness, we did try on multiple occasions before the last few weeks to give her milk out of a sippy cup, but she refused so I though she just needed time. Cue “bonehead” sign above my head.

A friend of mine told me it was hell on earth getting her son from the bottle to the cup, so I’m cringing thinking about Baby R still being bottle obsessed in six months. Weaning her from nursing hasn’t been a problem, in fact, just yesterday she finally took a bottle from me. The first time ever. If I was around she wanted the boob, not the bottle. So it seems my stubborn little babe is very particular.

I’m on the 4th type of sippy cup this week, and my nanny wants me to get the kind of cup  the other little girl has because sometimes Baby R will drink from that one. Great. Another $5 bucks to shell out for a STUPID CUP.

I’m sure there will be lots of tears (on my part?!) in this process, and so much for my “smart” thinking on getting this process started early.

Does she really want to draw attention to herself? Really?

8 Feb

Ok, so I need a little help with this because, well, I don’t get it. I have a friend who is so modest she wears a tank top over her bra and under her shirts so her boobs won’t be exposed. Now, let me preface this by saying she does not have big boobs – at all. So there is no trying to hide a copious amount of cleavage under all that fabric. She’s just modest. Like the most modest person I have ever known. Grant it, I can be a bit of an exhibitionist, I really don’t care what other people think of me, so I have no problem strutting around naked in my own home, or seeing other people naked. I am not, however, fond of inappropriate nakedness or weird behavior just so you know.

But, getting back to my original thoughts. This modest girl, this beautiful, smart fabulous chick who won’t let anyone see her naked – WANTS A BOOB JOB! Yes, a boob job. I don’t get it, why does someone who covers up all the time, want a boob job? Isn’t a breast enhancement going to draw attention to her chest? I’m flat as a pancake, and if I was suddenly carrying around some C sized melons, people would definitely notice.  So I’m a little curious as to why she so desperately wants bigger boobs. And, I’m not lying or being nice by saying she’s beautiful, smart and fabulous – she really is  – and very accomplished. So, forgive me saying it but WTF?

If someone is extremely modest – to the point where I think she’s actually uncomfortable in her own skin – why would she draw attention to herself with new knockers? Please explain. And, for the record, seeing my boobs after nursing, I might just sign up to get a new pair too.

Another towing story

7 Feb

So the hubby comes home from a night out, and says wait till you hear this – J got towed tonight – from A1 Towing (the same company who towed us from Harris Teeter a few weeks back). So as I laugh at this, hubby continues the story saying he told J not to park there because they’ll tow the car as it’s not a designated spot for the restaurant. J says I’ll take my chances. Famous last words. I couldn’t help but laugh because J was with us the night our car got towed because we were at his place, and knows that A1 Towing are predatory towers, and there are signs EVERYWHERE at this place not to parking in that particular parking lot. Needless to say he was not too happy when he came out and his car was gone.

So hubby and J go to pick up his car, and he ends up talking them down in price and release his car for a lot less than it would have been without the sweet talking. He also gets into a conversation about towing at Harris Teeter and the tow truck driver – who was the SAME guy who towed me – says that towing at Harris Teeter is on hold right now because some lady made a stink about it. Now, at this point in the story, I cannot help but laugh (along with my husband) because both he and J just looked at the guy and said, really? Too bad. The guy had NO idea that J and my hubby were part of that issue.

So, apparently, my complaint is actually changing things. And that is very nice to hear.

Pool Accessibility and Success!!! Great Success!

7 Feb

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few months now, and as you can probably tell, I haven’t written a whole lot of anything for a while now. So here it goes!

After my summer pool fiasco, and not being able to get Baby R + her stroller into the neighborhood pool, I had taken a break from thinking about all things related to warm weather, sun, and water. It is, after all, the middle of winter, and thinking about warm weather will only torture my ghostly pale physique. So imagine  my surprise when I get an email from the city, complete with picture (!) of the brand new doorbell and handicap access sign at the entrance to the pool! YAY!! SO awesome!

Although my battle was kind of a pain (I admit, I really don’t like confrontation, though it might seem otherwise on here) it was SO worth it. Hopefully this summer, and subsequent ones, no one will have to struggle to get into the pool because they are either in a wheelchair, or pushing a stroller. Big thanks to Ralph at the City of Alexandria for helping me out, and really listening as to why it was important that everyone, no matter their capability, have access to the pool. I’m super excited to go push that doorbell in June. BTW – as you can see from the picture – this post is LONG overdue!


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