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Extra Post #1

18 Feb

Facebook’s Debacle – Will you really delete your account?

With all of the stories floating around the blogosphere and media over the past days, I feel the need to comment on Facebook‘s “term of use” debacle. I know I mentioned it in my previous post, however, I feel that it warrants a more in depth discussion.

I’ve been reading not only the articles and posts about Facebook’s issue, but also the comments from users, readers, and the general public regarding their feelings towards Facebook. Some are eye opening and some are just plain dumb. Others surprised me. For instance, on CNN.com, someone by the name of “Tom” posted the following comment:

“I definantly will be deleting my account, i don’t want some of my family pictures to be the right of the site to do what they want with, this really is disappointing. Not to meantion the ‘SPIN TACTIC’ that they just tried on the world, thats a real insult to my intellegence, and i think all the people on the site as well”

Obviously, “Tom” is not satisfied with the way Facebook has handled the situation – as well as the rest of the angered bloggersand reactors. But I wonder, will he really delete his account? His online social network? His only way (most likely) to communicate with his Facebook friends – most of whom he probably hasn’t seen or thought of in years? Much of the posting I’ve seen states similiar “delete thoughts;” but how many people will actually act on it? I know if I deleted my account, I would lose access to the gossipy, influential, entertaining aspects of a world that I have created for myself. My online virtual world of life. Sure, I only talk to about 25% (and that’s being generous) of the people I’m friends with, but I can assure you, I’m interested in all of them. Who hasn’t Facebook stalkedan old beau, friend, foe or co-worker? Sometimes on a boring day, Facebook stalking is a grand source of entertainment. I think it’s fun to look up past high school buddies and see where they are now. I might not want to talk to them or they to me, but it’s always interesting to see how lives have played out – who’s married, who’s had a baby, who went to law school, who got fat, who skinny, who knocked up the prom queen (true story!) etc. So I would like to pose a question to anyone out there who has stated they are deleting their Facebook account – did you really delete your Facebook profile? Or was it a heat of the moment, pissed off statement that you meant at the time, but were never planning on following through with?

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