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Response Post #8

24 Mar

Pushy Travel Bloggers – Response to Class Delicious Link

I have to admit – I loved this article. There have been so many times when I’ve had trouble with a travel agency or airline and have felt helpless with the “who to complain to after the supervisor didn’t work” game plan – aside from co-workers, friends and family of course.

This article flipped the switch for me – just blog about the problems you’ve had. It can’t be that easy, but apparently, it’s starting to become that easy. Now, not all companies deserve to be crucified for their faults in the travel industry, but some companies just don’t seem to give a shit – which is what makes blogging rather satisfying. As referenced in this CNN article, the travel industry has started paying more attention to the blogosphere than traditional news media.

While blogging may not get you exactly what you are looking for, it is probably quicker than writing to the Ombudsman at Conde Nast Traveler – whose entries always horrify and entertain me – since it’s safe to assume he is deluged with travel complaints. Personally, I can never figure out why people give in and pay $11,000 to get home when it’s a mix-up caused by the airlines or the travel agency, and, to be quite honest, I hope I never get it. Because that means I (g-d willing) will not have that (particular) problem when I travel.

While blogging about my travel problems would be cathartic, I am interested to know how many times companies respond to problems via blogs, Twitter, etc? Had the complaintant been using other industry channels to no avail? Did they just fire up their blog? It’s interesting to read the many stories about travel troubles and how people have solved them. It’s even more astonishing to see them transfer into the world of social media. Kudos to the companies trying to work on keeping their customers after some have been through a terrible ordeal, and double kudos for paying enough attention to realize not everyone is going to write a letter to the CEO or the Better Business Bureau – because really – how many times does that solve something these days? So why not take to the keyboard and try to get satisfaction that way? It’s certainly worth a shot.

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