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Primanti Brothers

14 Jul

I love Primanti Bros and I haven’t even been there yet. I know, I know – how I can love a place I’ve never even eaten at?! How? Because I love french fries on sandwiches. And Primanti’s is famous for their french fries-stuffed sandwiches.

I discovered this amazing – yet highly fattening – delectible way to use french fries when I lived in Aix-en-Provence and all of the street cart sandwiches were made this way. I was in heaven everytime I ordered lunch and watched the woman stuff it with fries. Since it’s been, oh about 8 years since my last visit to Aix, I haven’t had a french fry stuffed sandwich since 2002. I have tried and tried to find such a place in the States with no luck – until now.

I first learned about Primanti Bros on the Travel Channel (I am obsessed) and now that I have family in Pittsburgh it makes my mouth water just to think about visiting. So visiting I will go, and Primanti’s I will eat and Primanti’s I will love. Not only will I love Primanti Bros – and I am headed to the original spot on The Strip – I will enjoy and savor every bite of the steak sandwich I will get. Yes, I have been reading the menu for the past few days,  and have already narrowed it down. Seriously – I think I have the website/menu memorized.

This is one of those deep-down gut rumbling feelings where I just know I’m going to love it. So I can’t wait to hit Pittsburgh this weekend. Not only to spend time with family – that is the REAL reason I’m going – Primanti’s is just a little too far to satisfy a craving, but hey since I’ll be there anyways why not go – but to also try out this amazing french fry stuffing sandwich shop. Whether or not it lives up to my favorite French street carts is another thing entirely, but I have high high hopes.

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