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Response Post #11

14 Apr

Iraq War – See No Evil Hear No Evil?

I remember talking with a friend of mine in the fall of our senior year in college about the possibility of going to war. It was 2002, and he had joined the Army’s ROTC program earlier to help pay for college. War with Iraq was just a matter of time, and I couldn’t imagine someone I knew fighting – after all, I was in grade school during the first Gulf War, and I wasn’t even a twinkle in parent’s eyes during Vietnam.

Fast forward a few years, and this friend has done two tours of duty in Iraq and faces a third tour within the next year. Each time, he was deployed for more than a year. And he’s not he only one I know. My friend’s husband has been deployed to Qatar so many times I’ve lost count, another friend was on the raid that captured Sadaam Hussein, and unfortunately, my childhood best friend’s fiancee was killed in 2005 just days before he was supposed to come home, and two months before their wedding.  

The Iraq War has caused an unbelievable amount of animosity between the United States and the rest of the world. Many countries/peoples feel we have no business in the Middle East, much less Iraq, others feel that the US has done the world a favor by dismantling the regimeof Saddam Hussein. While I understand everyone’s point of view, and respect people’s opinions, there’s one idea I can’t get behind: all this access to the front lines. I’m sorry, but we are a country at war, and if our news coverage details troop movement, operations, personnel changes and other sensitive material, you can bet that the enemy – Al Qaeda or Iraqi insurgents – are paying attention. To me that just sets our troops up for failure. I’m all for covering the war and embedding journalists to profile and learn from our troops, but I just don’t agree with the in-depth vlogs, blogs, and stories about what’s going on on the front lines. It’s a recipe for disaster, and the last thing we need is to give our enemies more ammunition to hurt us.

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