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Extra Post #3

6 Mar

Domestic Violence

Ladies, pay attention because what I’m about to preach is incredibly important. It is NEVER alright for a man to hit you. NEVER. No matter what you have done or haven’t done, being pushed around, smacked around or verbally assaulted isn’t right.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the story of singer Chris Brown and his pop star girlfriend Rihanna. If you’re not, check out this article – because it explains how Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna right before the Grammys. Now, the world being what it is today, the news was all over the internet and TV within 24 hours. When Ike was beating Tina Turner it wasn’t spread like wildfire online – people knew but no one had hard evidence to email around. Not the case with Rihanna and Chris Brown. A few days after  news broke that Brown had beaten a female, a photo was leaked to TMZ that showed a very battered woman. Police reports later confirmed that Rihanna was indeed the victim and Hollywood has been up in arms ever since.

While sex, drugs and rock and roll are normal fodder for celebrities, rarely does domestic violence rear its ugly head. Not because it doesn’t happen – I’m sure that it does – but because its still such a taboo subject. Blogger Perez Hilton has come out strong saying “Princess Ri Ri” deserves better and should never go back to Brown – even calling Brown “Chris Beat Her Down” to showcase his strong disapproval of Brown’s actions. The website TMZ has also voiced disapproval of Rihanna’s beat down and numerous radio stations and companies have dropped his music. However, despite the support and love Rihanna has received from people all over the world, the latest rumors are that she is back together with Brown. However, with her silence, and the photographs taken of the two of them together, it does lead one to believe that the media may be correct. What’s heartbreaking to hear are the stories posted on Twitter, TMZ, Perez and other sites that refer to her as needing him, and wanting to fix their relationship, that he didn’t really mean to hurt her. Not to mention the detective’s notes stating that this wasn’t the first time Brown had hit her but it was the worst beating. Ladies, no matter who your boyfriend is, what he does, how much he says he loves you – if he hits you – its over. No man who truly loves you will hit you. They will want to protect you, strengthen you, and help you be the best person you can be. No amount of hitting, shouting and beating is love. If you’re being hurt by someone please get help. While I hope Rihanna chooses to stand up for herself and others like her, domestic violence is a viscous circle that’s hard to break. But if Rihanna can overcome this cycle, hopefully it will spotlight domestic violence, and teach the world that it is never ever alright to hit someone.

Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline for more information or to get help. Please don’t spend another night afraid that morning might never come.

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