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Response Post #12

21 Apr

How to win online in 2012?

This question brings to mind the theory that “computers will be twice as fast and half as cheap every two years.” If we are to live by that theory then what we’re doing today won’t matter in 2012. There will be something new and different happening just as Twitter, blogging and text messages dominated the 2008 election. In 2004 just having a website was considered forward thinking. This go round, just having a website would have been considered archaic.

So what will 2012 be like? I’m not sure, but I have no doubt that it will incorporate many things that don’t exist today as well as popular ones that worked in 2008, because if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Obama successfully used his Twitter and Facebook pages to recruit and activate constituents to his cause. Hundreds of thousands of people followed John McCain’s daughter on her blog, McCainBlogette. Never in the history of politicking had something like that been done before. And it was only 4 years after the last election – 4 years. A lifetime in technology, but only a fraction of a second compared to other Earthly events (dinosaurs anyone?!).

Edelman PR’s article on Barack Obama’s use of social media lists a very interesting “lessons learned” from the campaign that I think will be applicable long after Twitter has gone the way of the dodo bird.

    • Start early
    • Build to scale
    • Innovate where necessary; do everything else incrementally better
    • Make it easy to find, forward and act
    • Pick where you want to play
    • Channel online enthusiasm into specific, targeted activities that further the campaign’s goals
    • Integrate online advocacy into every element of the campaign

Every lesson listed here – save for perhaps the second to last and last one (not everything is online!) is applicable in everyday life, and everyday tasks. From searching for a new job, making a presentation at work, parenting your kids. Each bullet point helps you to be better and stronger at what you’re attempting to achieve.

I think that using Edelman’s lessons learned can only help the next round of elections. Because, if history is any indication, the internet is going to continue to play a bigger and bigger role in politics. Whether it’s twitter, text messaging, blogging or networking, the internet has become the space age wonder of our time.

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