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Response Post #6

2 Mar

Seriously, Second Life?

Ok, I admit it – I don’t get it. Who the heck wants to get online, login to a “virtual” world, and play a game with no point? I found Second Life to be a bizarre and totally wacked out game. After setting up my account and building my avatar – which I could not figure out how to clothe properly since it looks like it is straight out of Revenge of the Nerds – I found myself flying through thin air. Now, I did teleport to a few different places, but I could not for the life of me figure out the purpose. I saw a few ads that said click here to teleport – but nope – couldn’t do it. Even when I followed the instructions, I still couldn’t get to Roma or London in Second Life. Which did sound rather interesting. I did however, end up in a clothing boutique and when I tried to leave some avatar tried to have sex with me. That was interesting – does it count if you’re hit on in a fake world? I also couldn’t help but laugh when I tried to sit down and the screen asked me – rather bluntly – if I would like to be in the missionary position or the doggie position. I mean what the hell! I was just trying to fly around a world and sit down on a couch – not get “virtually” laid. What kind of sick wackjob gets online to have sex in a virtual world. If it weren’t so creepy I might feel sorry for the poor guy. Oh and if you’re thinking I teleported to the places on screen where it said SEX in big red letters, you’re wrong. I intentionally avoided those places to make sure what happened didn’t. Oh – and another thing I found hilarious – and slightly disturbing was the fact that when you are “dressing” your avatar it actually tells others that you are changing. I saw some random dude in his boxers with a little caption over his head that read something along the lines of “avatar is getting dressed.” Not the exact statement but you get the picture. So needless to say, I don’t get Second Life – the only point is to login and fly around (which is rather cool) and talk to people or have a virtual job? Who cares? I understand World of Warcraft and other online games that have a point. I don’t get ones that don’t. I’ll stick with my Wii, XBOX and PSP anyday.

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