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Extra Post #2

3 Mar

Response to Prissy Perceptions Bill of Rights Post

First of all, I find it very amusing that two people can have the same exact reasons (almost) for supporting or not supporting the same thing. In today’s day and age it’s rare to find two statements whose owners’ don’t jump down each others throats for disagreeing. For example, after reading Prissy Perceptions post about social media I had to laugh. I felt the exact opposite for pretty much the same reasons. In an age of digital media, pop culture, wars on terrorism, a new administration and a population obsessed with keeping up the Joneses, it still amazes me that people can think so much alike while still having differing opinions. And, quite frankly, I think it’s great. Not to sound cliche, but isn’t that why we live in America? Why we are able to contribute to social media? Have freedom of the internet and our first amendment rights? It’s not often anymore that two individuals can have such differing views for the same reasons. In my earlier post about an internet Bill of Rights, I said that absolutely, there should be one. It’sworked well enough for the USA for the last 200 + years, and I think a virtual Bill of Rights would be a great thing for internet users. It could protect our basics rights to the things we post to the internet – usually for friends, family or colleagues to see – and allow us the freedom to delve deeper into social media without being frightened we will be taken advantage of. Prissy Perceptions feels the same way – only her reasons support her opinion that a Bill of Rights would not be a good thing for the world wide web. She feels that (for my same reasons) our ability to go forth and conquer the internet should be kept undiluted. No Bill of Rights – because rules go against social media and its creations. While I may not agree with her end opinion – how many of us can honestly say we feel a certain way about something and can respect our “rival” when he or she feels the other way for the same reasons?

Response Post #4

17 Feb

A digital Bill of Rights? Yeah Right.

You’ve got to be kidding me, a Bill of Rights for the internet? Who has this much time on their hands?! However, after reading through the short, and simple theory – I totally support it. It’s not complicated, touchy or weird – just plain simple statements. Things most internet users assume they have already. Because, really, who reads an entire “term of agreement” anyway? And if you do, do you really understand it if you don’t have the letters ESQ after your name?

While the Bill of Rights – as it relates to social media – was written more than a year ago, with the recent news regarding Facebook‘s privacy terms, it is more relevant than ever before (apparently someone did read the entire term of use agreement, otherwise I wouldn’t be bloggingabout it!). For example, while I’m pretty strict with what I post to my Facebook account, I have posted photos I would not want used without my permission, for instance, my wedding photos. Now, I highly doubt Facebook is interested enough in how I looked on my wedding day to use them for it’s own project, but I am protective of them enough that I would have a very big problem if I found them splashed around with out my consent. Yes, I uploaded them thereby agreeing to abide by Facebook’s terms of use, but that still doesn’t give anyone the right to pilfer or plunder someone else’s stuff. Electronic or not. It’s stealing – plain and simple – I can show off pictures of my family and friends to colleagues – or even photos of my home – but that doesn’t give them the right to break in and take the picture on my mantel because they liked it. That’s why I think the companies who use the Bill of Rights are taking a step forward in social media and digital decency. Much like Jet Blue‘s passenger bill of rights after it’s disastrous airport delay last year, the Bill of Rights that Scoble and others have created is definitely a step in the right direction. It won’t solve all the problems, and won’t be the silver bullet for all things wrong with the internet, but it is a basic and simple human nod to honesty.

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