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Response #3

10 Feb

Will Google Take Over the World?

I often wonder this when I hear Google compared to Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and other ginormous companies. Because it has become such a symbol for the internet and the web’s rise in popularity – it has also become a popular target for those disengenuined by pop culture, corporate bureaucracy and anything else dealing with lots of money. While I agree with most people’s thoughts on the subject, such as this article by Robert Cringely, I also think – who cares? Just because a company has worked itself into a giant success after faltering for years and now has bragging rights, why is that such a bad thing? It makes me think that the people who complain about these companies and situations are just jealous, in the “why didn’t I think of that” way.

Luckily however, I am allowed to have differing opinions on the same subject. After reading John Battelle’s book The Search, my split personalities began to emerge. In chapter 7, Battelle discusses those businesses affected by Google’s random algorythm updates and how dependent said companies were on Google. To me it’s unreal that Google can make or break a company online. I mean the world wide web is so large that even if Google didn’t pick up on it, another search engine would. Then I started to think – what other search engines? Yes, I use Yahoo! and MSN and AltaVista, but when I truly am looking for something -searching – I use Google. It’s gotten to the point where I even tell my husband to just Google something if I don’t know the answer (a rareity I know!). So Yes, I suppose Battelle is right – Google is one immensely powerful company. While it may not take over the world – it has certainly taken over some people’s worlds. Neil Moncrief didn’t start out working for Google – he just wanted to sell big shoes – but in the end, Google most certainly controlled his world.

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