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Pittsburgh, Primanti Bros, Andy Warhol and PNC Park (sort of)

22 Jul

Let me start off by saying this – I love my sister, I really do, but last weekend was the last time I’m driving to Pittsburgh for the forseeable future. The 4 hour drive took 5 to get there and 6 to get back – not fun!! Luckily, once we got there, compared to DC, Pittsburgh is like a city without traffic! It was great, 10 minutes to downtown and not a traffic jam in sight. Parking was easily found, especially by a shark like myself, and all-in-all we had a great time.

Inititally, I thought it would be a little cooler than DC, but alas it was just as hot! Saturday we headed to The Strip District because I was jonesing for some Primanti Bros (which my sis informs me is pronounced “primmanys” – good to know so I don’t sound like a TOTAL tourist). Let me say this – Primanti’s is one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. My post last week was true – I do love it. Although their fries, I’m sorry to say aren’t the best. A little too cooked for my taste, and the oil was dirty, but otherwise, delish! We walked around The Strip for a while and went in all the little shops, checked out the TONS of Steelers/Pens/Pirates junk, bought some aviators and lusted after the deli and bakery at Penn Mac.

Later on we went to the Andy Warhol museum – I had no idea he was a Pittsburgh native – and definitely saw some interesting umm, art. I was unaware that you could use jizz to create a painting and have it hung in a museum, or take photos of rolling on a condom, or jacking off on someone, but apparently, if Andy Warhol made it, it counts as museum material. Think I’m kidding? Visit when you’re there – it’s on the 7th floor. Here I was expecting lots of Campbell Soup cans, Marilyn Monroe and the like, but apparently they are elsewhere. Not to say that the museum wasn’t great, it was, but I thought my husband was going to launch out the window at some of the exhibits. Luckily Baby R slept through most of it, or I would have to cover her eyes! There are some amazing self-portraits hanging on the walls, and the history of Warhol (on the ground level) is not to be missed.

Later Saturday we ended up at PNC Park for a tailgate hosted by my sister’s law firm – and wow do Pirates fans put Nat’s fans to shame. The Pirates STINK – and I mean last place in the league stink – and they have for years, but this stadium was FULL . Sold out. Full of people. Having fun. Until Strasburg showed up, the Nat’s were lucky if they filled half the stadium. The tailgate was great – hot but great – my sister’s colleagues were nice, but my sister was kind of a bonehead when she left the hubs and I by ourself while she hung out and played bean bag games with her friends, and passed Baby R around (weird to see a stranger holding your kid, but she seemed ok!), but whatever.

That, however, was not the problem. The problem was Baby R got Heat Exhaustion! Poor little thing. It was SO hot under the tent that even being down to her diaper, and running cool clothes over her didn’t help. As we made our way in to PNC Park, and the air-conditioning of guest relations, woooshh – projectile baby puke everywhere over my shoulder. As I turned her around to see if she was ok, wooosshh again – this time all over me, in my mouth, down my shirt, across my shoes and I was soaked. Soaked. I looked like I had been in a wet t-shirt contest except there was breastmilk everywhere and it was not nearly as sexy. Needless to say we turned around and headed home, Baby R puking all the way. What started out as a fun evening, got a little hairy – luckily Baby R was ok once we got her inside, but it was a little nerve-racking for a few moments. So I brought her in the shower with me, cleaned us off (she’s a slippery little sucker!) and we were in bed by 10. What an exciting evening!

Sunday was much more low-key as we ate at Fatheads – oh my heavens – I had a burger with a pierogi on top. Enough said! And took some photos up on Mt. Washington before we headed home. Mt. Washington was great because the photos we took a little over a year ago there I was 8 weeks pregnant, and with these photos Olivia is with us on the outside! So all-in-all we had a great time, but between the looong car rides, puking baby and general crazyness that is our family, I’m not sure how excited my sister will be the next time we say we are coming to visit!

Primanti Brothers

14 Jul

I love Primanti Bros and I haven’t even been there yet. I know, I know – how I can love a place I’ve never even eaten at?! How? Because I love french fries on sandwiches. And Primanti’s is famous for their french fries-stuffed sandwiches.

I discovered this amazing – yet highly fattening – delectible way to use french fries when I lived in Aix-en-Provence and all of the street cart sandwiches were made this way. I was in heaven everytime I ordered lunch and watched the woman stuff it with fries. Since it’s been, oh about 8 years since my last visit to Aix, I haven’t had a french fry stuffed sandwich since 2002. I have tried and tried to find such a place in the States with no luck – until now.

I first learned about Primanti Bros on the Travel Channel (I am obsessed) and now that I have family in Pittsburgh it makes my mouth water just to think about visiting. So visiting I will go, and Primanti’s I will eat and Primanti’s I will love. Not only will I love Primanti Bros – and I am headed to the original spot on The Strip – I will enjoy and savor every bite of the steak sandwich I will get. Yes, I have been reading the menu for the past few days,  and have already narrowed it down. Seriously – I think I have the website/menu memorized.

This is one of those deep-down gut rumbling feelings where I just know I’m going to love it. So I can’t wait to hit Pittsburgh this weekend. Not only to spend time with family – that is the REAL reason I’m going – Primanti’s is just a little too far to satisfy a craving, but hey since I’ll be there anyways why not go – but to also try out this amazing french fry stuffing sandwich shop. Whether or not it lives up to my favorite French street carts is another thing entirely, but I have high high hopes.

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