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Spring is in the air – along with some changes

3 Mar

The first signs of spring have appeared – not only have the crocuses appeared in my neighborhood – and I almost crashed my car staring at them on my drive to work – but its warming up! Wahoo! It was a balmy 55 degrees the other day and it was wonderful. I’ve ditched the wool coat for my jean jacket and I can’t wait to ditch the jacket all together. Something else that’s changing around here is my job – I’ve taken another position with my company and I am so excited. It’s a higher level, different scope of work and I am leaving policy work behind. I loved my work with issue advocacy, but after 5+ years it was time for a change. I’m headed to the corporate side of things now and will run digital pr for my firm and I must say I was actually giddy about it when discussing plans with a colleague. That hasn’t happened in a long time, and I’m super excited to get started. It will be a transition for sure – as I don’t necessarily believe the grass is greener phrase, but just a different shade. I worked with a great team and I’m looking forward to starting with and creating a great team.

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