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Where to go from here?

15 Apr

Being in the “real” world is challenging. When I first graduated from college and moved to DC I was so excited to be on my own. I was looking forward to getting bills, fixing a broken sink, and being on my own. And on my own I was – I moved 4+ hours away from my family to a town where I didn’t know a whole lot of people. I also worked for a company where the median age was at least 45. No offense to those in their 40s, but it was a bit of a let down for a 22 year old.

While I was super poor, and very lost, I was also incredibly focused on the future. I can remember going for runs around my neighborhood, and admiring these big beautiful brick townhouses, and wondering if I would ever make it into one of those. Meaning, would I ever have a husband, a house, and a family to fill one of them? How about the money to afford one? At half a million dollars, those homes were a pipedream on my measly salary.

Fast forward ten years and my dreams have come true, and I am still focused on the future. I have the husband, the family, and the brick townhouse. Not the ones I used to run by, but you get the idea. Everything I dreamed about when I first got here has happened. It took a boatload of hard work, perseverance and support, but here I am 10 years on, and needing some new goals. My current job is ending this week and I’m super excited to see what’s around the corner. I know what I want to see in the future, and now I have to make that happen. Just as with my dreams years ago, I have no idea how or when I will meet my goals, I just know I’ll do it.

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