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Towing, Harris Teeter and BAD Business Practices

2 Jan

I am so mad right now I can hardly see straight. Last night, hubby and I took Baby R to Harris Teeter to do some grocery shopping. While on our way there,  our friends – who happen to live above HT – called and invited us to dinner. Since we were going to be there anyway, we accepted. We parked at Harris Teeter, as we have done all the other times in the past 3 years we’ve been visiting that area, did a bit of shopping, and then headed up to our friends. We were planning on finishing our shopping after dinner as the baby would be asleep and the store less crowded. Fast forward a few hours and when we went down to the car to get the stroller to finish shopping, our car was GONE. And not just gone, TOWED.

In my entire life, I’ve never been towed. Ever. We talked to the security guard, an Allied Barton employee, but contracted to work for Harris Teeter, and she said she had no idea what we were talking about because she has nothing to do with towing. We walked upstairs to the management desk, and were told that they didn’t handle towing downstairs, Harris Teeter did. The desk called the towing company and discovered that our car was indeed in that lot. So now, its 10:30 at night and we are headed to a dark, scary towing lot to pick up our car with our 10 month baby in the car (our friends had come downstairs shortly after we discovered our car missing). We paid $115 to get our car back, and learned from the towing company that the security guard is the one who authorized the tow. The SAME guard who just a short time before told us that she didn’t know what we were talking about and had no authorization to tow cars from the parking lot.

So, now I am beyond mad, and we head back to Harris Teeter to ask the guard why she lied point-blank to my face. Of course she denied that she lied, and denied she had authorization to tow my car – even after I received confirmation that it was HER SIGNATURE on the towing authorization slip. By this time it was almost midnight and we weren’t getting anywhere with Allied Barton or Harris Teeter (whose assistant manager told us to come back in the morning to figure things out with the store manager).

Needless to say I got up this morning and went over to Harris Teeter to discuss the situation with the manager. I talked to a nice man who said that Harris Teeter has nothing to do with towing, that Allied Barton was contracted through Harris Teeter, but that the guards have no authorization to tow cars, and that he was sorry but couldn’t do anything because it was the management company’s policies. Now, my friend, who lives in the building has already been in touch with Armstrong Management – the company in charge – and they said that because Harris Teeter’s lease is written in such a way that they own the parking lot that towing is THEIR business not Armstrong management’s.

So, I’m getting the blame game from Harris Teeter and the management company. Harris Teeter says its Armstrong Management’s problem and Armstrong Management says it Harris Teeter’s problem. Whoever’s problem it is, you can be sure that I am not going to let this go. I want my $115 back. There is no reason that 1. as a patron of Harris Teeter I can’t park there without worrying I’ll be towed, and 2. I should be towed after being told multiple times by Armstrong Management employees that I can park at Harris Teeter until 12am without being towed.

So now, I’ve got multiple letters to write to Armstrong Management, Harris Teeter, Allied Barton, AND the Better Business Bureau. What a great way to start 2011, and end my otherwise great vacation. Stupid assholes.

And the coup de grace? Hubby backs out of the spot at Harris Teeter (which are extremely tight) and takes off the passenger mirror by hitting the pole. Awesome.

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