Spring, Easter and Decorating

27 Mar

With two kids under 4 its hard to decorate the way I’d like to decorate. All of the nice things have to be up high or out of sight. With Spring here (or at least supposed to be here) its a little easier to make the house fresh…Flowers!! I used to have fresh flowers in the house all the time, but life gets in the way, and now its only on a occasion. Since Easter is this weekend, and we have about a dozen people coming I’m siked to whip out my spring things.

For one, I’ll flip my throw pillows over to the pink side (big deal, I know), two, I’ll swap out my winter wreath for my spring one; and, third – lots of fresh flowers. I found a few great gems on Pinterest that I think are adorable. But my favorite is this one. blogcenterpiece


I’ll have to see how my version compares when I do my arranging this weekend. My other favorite is this one.

daffodils and jellybeans


The supermarket better have tulips and daffodils when I go on Saturday….

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