Sippy Cups and Transitioning

10 Feb

Like most parents out there, hubby and I have struggled with when and how to wean Baby R to a cup. Not necessarily the time period, but rather what cup to use. While that sounds weird, its true! I knew I’d breastfeed until she was a year old, but at about 7 months I started giving her a cup so she would drop the bottle at a year old. Genius right? The literature/doctors tell me it will take some time to get her to a cup, and that she should not have a bottle once she hits a year old. So here I am thinking “what a good, ahead of the curve Mom I am, she’s a pro at drinking from a sippy cup” Not exactly.

My darling little daughter wants absolutely nothing to do with drinking milk out of a sippy cup. She’s a pro at the actual physical ability, but when she finds out its milk and not water or juice coming out she opens her mouth and lets it run all over. Awesome.

Now, in fairness, we did try on multiple occasions before the last few weeks to give her milk out of a sippy cup, but she refused so I though she just needed time. Cue “bonehead” sign above my head.

A friend of mine told me it was hell on earth getting her son from the bottle to the cup, so I’m cringing thinking about Baby R still being bottle obsessed in six months. Weaning her from nursing hasn’t been a problem, in fact, just yesterday she finally took a bottle from me. The first time ever. If I was around she wanted the boob, not the bottle. So it seems my stubborn little babe is very particular.

I’m on the 4th type of sippy cup this week, and my nanny wants me to get the kind of cup  the other little girl has because sometimes Baby R will drink from that one. Great. Another $5 bucks to shell out for a STUPID CUP.

I’m sure there will be lots of tears (on my part?!) in this process, and so much for my “smart” thinking on getting this process started early.


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