Does she really want to draw attention to herself? Really?

8 Feb

Ok, so I need a little help with this because, well, I don’t get it. I have a friend who is so modest she wears a tank top over her bra and under her shirts so her boobs won’t be exposed. Now, let me preface this by saying she does not have big boobs – at all. So there is no trying to hide a copious amount of cleavage under all that fabric. She’s just modest. Like the most modest person I have ever known. Grant it, I can be a bit of an exhibitionist, I really don’t care what other people think of me, so I have no problem strutting around naked in my own home, or seeing other people naked. I am not, however, fond of inappropriate nakedness or weird behavior just so you know.

But, getting back to my original thoughts. This modest girl, this beautiful, smart fabulous chick who won’t let anyone see her naked – WANTS A BOOB JOB! Yes, a boob job. I don’t get it, why does someone who covers up all the time, want a boob job? Isn’t a breast enhancement going to draw attention to her chest? I’m flat as a pancake, and if I was suddenly carrying around some C sized melons, people would definitely notice.  So I’m a little curious as to why she so desperately wants bigger boobs. And, I’m not lying or being nice by saying she’s beautiful, smart and fabulous – she really is  – and very accomplished. So, forgive me saying it but WTF?

If someone is extremely modest – to the point where I think she’s actually uncomfortable in her own skin – why would she draw attention to herself with new knockers? Please explain. And, for the record, seeing my boobs after nursing, I might just sign up to get a new pair too.


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