Pool Accessibility and Success!!! Great Success!

7 Feb

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few months now, and as you can probably tell, I haven’t written a whole lot of anything for a while now. So here it goes!

After my summer pool fiasco, and not being able to get Baby R + her stroller into the neighborhood pool, I had taken a break from thinking about all things related to warm weather, sun, and water. It is, after all, the middle of winter, and thinking about warm weather will only torture my ghostly pale physique. So imagine  my surprise when I get an email from the city, complete with picture (!) of the brand new doorbell and handicap access sign at the entrance to the pool! YAY!! SO awesome!

Although my battle was kind of a pain (I admit, I really don’t like confrontation, though it might seem otherwise on here) it was SO worth it. Hopefully this summer, and subsequent ones, no one will have to struggle to get into the pool because they are either in a wheelchair, or pushing a stroller. Big thanks to Ralph at the City of Alexandria for helping me out, and really listening as to why it was important that everyone, no matter their capability, have access to the pool. I’m super excited to go push that doorbell in June. BTW – as you can see from the picture – this post is LONG overdue!


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