It’s a little crazy

9 Nov

How time flies! I know I’ve said this before, but here I type, it’s the beginning, nah almost middle of November. Baby R is 9 months old, the leaves are changing, work is crazy, and I’m just now figuring out that I only have 3 semester’s left until I can proudly say I am a Georgetown University graduate. Wow. That’s a lot of stuff coming from a variety of different directions.

Not to mention, that I only have 1 – just 1 – Christmas present, and I’m usually close to down by now. I have the mother of all gifts for my husband (no, I’m not expecting baby #2) but it is AWESOME, and I know he’ll love it. Other than that I’ve got nada for anyone. I’ve got lots of ideas but limited time to implement. If there ever was a time to have a pause button for life, now would be it.


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