Shoes, Spitup and what it means to be a Mom

31 Aug

I just looked at my shoes, and realized there is baby puke all over the left one. Lovely. Thinking back, I now remember not wiping it off after Baby R projectile vomited all over me last week. I took it off, cleaned up myself, her, the kitchen and anything else in the path and called it a day. Never thinking I should clean up the shoe that took the brunt of spitup fest. Oh well. And now, its been there for so long, I’m just leaving it there because – well, its old, its dry and lets face it – not as disgusting as would have been before I had a kid.

Not to say that I’m not still a clean freak (I am, much to my husbands glee and dismay) but little things don’t matter as much – nor do I have time to worry about such a little thing as my own shoes(!). I suppose that’s kind of what its like to be a Mom. The worrying and fretting I did before has now been placed elsewhere and I end up wearing a spitup covered shoe days later.


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